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Alan T. Miller


I am an Internet development consultant. I specialize in online business development. Overall, I have worked in the field of Internet marketing and development since 1996. Since then, I have held many titles: web developer, web designer, database designer, PHP developer, cold fusion developer, independent Internet consultant, online marketing consultant, search engine optimization specialist, and web systems administrator to name a few.

These days, I function primarily as a web developer using creativity, ingenuity, patience, persistence and open source tools such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Linux to create stuff and make things happen. I currently work for Online Brands Inc., a company I started back in 2005 to handle my own consulting work.

Before finding my way to the Internet, I studied critical philosophy and rhetoric at Arizona State University where I ultimately received a degree in Communication Studies. I worked briefly in the print field and studied journalism before that. I have also contributed to a number of publications as a freelance photographer.

This web site provides a copy of my public resume along with a brief overview of web development work I have done, my black and white photography portfolio, my blog, a bit about me and an online form so you can contact me.

Finally, not that I am one to beg, but if someone wanted to buy me something for no particular reason, they could make their way to my Amazon wish list (hint hint).